Friday, August 7, 2009

The Morning Came

“Life ain’t no crystal stair”

That’s what she told me

Told millions

They all listened

It sounds nice

Poetic diction but not useless fiction

A crystal is bright and pure

Clear cut and serene

Life ain’t that

Vague years ending as death nears

Unheard, blocked by the sound

Can you hear it?

The pain of a billion cries

(Yes I said a billion)

Yet we all have the want to live

A will to live only for what?

The knowledge that the end will still find you

Another day when judgment will ring true

But ‘joy commeth in the morning’

That’s what the good book says

Its morning now

I watched the stars melt away into a blue abyss

Reflecting the world’s tears in their sparkle

Saw the sun rise into the sky

Its massive weight not even able to

Lift my spirits

Felt its warm breeze on cursed skin

And heard the birds sing

Yet my heart sings a different song

One of nighttime sorrows

And apocalyptic mornings

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