Monday, August 17, 2009

Introduction: Book and Movie Reviews

As an aspiring novelist and screenwriter, I need to read a lot of novels and screenplays and watch a lot of movies. That part is easy: I've been doing it all my life. The hard part is striking a good balance between making these experiences both enjoyable and productive. When i read a book or watch a movie, it is still from my pure, innate love for these creative devices. The immersion between the covers of a book (or beneath the screen of a Kindle...yes, I have gone over to the dark side and it is GLORIOUS). The excitement, thrill, or heartache when watching a movie. That's all still there for me, but I also need to be looking for how these pieces of art were birthed, formed, crafted. What makes them successful? For those that, well, suck (and I have vowed not to NOT finish a book, even if it sucks...because each is a learning experience), what about it didn't work for me? All of these factors add to my own growth as a writer/creative spirit.

Since I am totally new to this review process, my first ones will most likely be shaky. So I'm not going to apply 'scores' just yet, just express my feelings about each. I'll see how they come out and then I can make the decision on if I want to read around and through a lot of 'professional' reviews to adapt some sort of formal structure, or if I like my free thought just how it is.

Lastly, I will be reviewing things I have most recently watched/read. So that might be District 9 or Harry Potter 1 (if I decide to read through again). The goal right now isn't to make this into a place where you can find the latest and greatest book/movie reviews because, no matter how old, everything has something to offer.

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