Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Video for Sam-E.com Good Mood Blogger goes live!


Hey all! I made it to the next round for the Sam-E Gig which, of course, means that you get to see a video of me acting foolish! Well, not quite (for that, search through my blog for my australia vid!), but I can be a little silly at times.

This round is more based on the judges than the actual voting, but voting is still a part of the final tally! Besides, if the judges like someone but they fail to get people to come and support then they'll think that candidate won't be the best to bring new traffic to their site.

Shout out to my Stanford friend Austin Henderson for editing the video. He did a great job in just a short amount of time. Even the little things, like on the cafe part when I look out the window and then it cuts to me looking out the window in the other angle. Stuff you proooobably don't notice, but I definitely didn't shoot it with that in mind. But he did a great job, even when the clock was ticking down, the camera kept dying, or the computer kept freezing up.

And, of course, shout out to my girlfrind Johanna for doing the shooting! She seemed more excited about the quality of her shooting abilities than the upcoming contest tho, haha. If you're reading this, Jo, I'm kidding.

I would post the video here, but you can't vote from here. And I know how laziness works, so for now, I'll keep the video on the site.


  1. I enjoyed your video and appreciate that you are gentleman enough to leave a nice comment on Suzanne's page which is how I came to your blog! Best wishes for your future--it should be a bright one!!

  2. I just saw your video - and it was so funny, well thought out and just plain clever. Best of luck!