Sunday, November 15, 2009

The dome drops. Experiencing the Dome, Day 1

This book definitely starts off with a bang…or, rather, a dome. King puts us right into the action with all of the initial chaos ensuing from the invisible barrier that all of a sudden falls over the town. It’s gorier than I expected. This is nothing like The Simpsons. Since the dome is invisible and no one knew it was coming, cars, planes, and trucks smash into the barrier full speed. One woman is unlucky enough to have her house right on the barrier and gets her hand clean sliced off while tending to her garden. People who are racing to the scene of one crash end up just creating another, but this time the white outline on the pavement will be their own.

But the dome isn’t the only thing going on in town. A grisly murder happens silently as the booms and sirens associated with the dome rock the town.  There’s a lot of potential set up here, especially after hearing that the whole story takes place in the span of one week.

I wonder what route King will take with this. Will he go the spiritual way, like in The Stand and Insomnia, or pure horror like IT and The Shining. Or maybe it will be one of his more straight-forward books, like Misery. I would say ‘who knows,’ but, of course, all those fast readers out there know!

Well, either way, I’m going to get back to reading!

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