Sunday, April 27, 2014

#5: The Rhino and the Corona (Rhinovirus and Coronaviridae)

Three old men get together every Spring during the rainiest night to exchange stories. This year, the topic is ‘the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen.’

The first man told the story of Rebecca the Rhino. He’d been responsible for her years ago when he worked as a zookeeper at the San Diego Zoo. Ever since Rebecca had been born, she didn’t like being naked and would try to cover herself with all types of things—leaves, grass, the trash people left. One day an overzealous tourist leaned too far and fell into the rhino pit. In her terror, she dropped a red ruby necklace as she ran away. Low and behold, the next day Rebecca was wearing it around her neck. From then on, visitors would bring her jewelry and by the time she died she had 113 different earrings and necklaces!

The second man told the story of the Beer Tornado that almost destroyed the world. One day, a college kid shook up a Corona for three whole days and then popped the cap. The gas had built up so much that it spawned a huge tornado that quickly spread throughout the countryside, coating the land with beer suds. The tornado was so strong, the old man claimed, that people could smell the beer all the way in the Middle East. The tornado was so strong, the man claimed, that it changed the constellation of the stars.

“How did they stop it?” the first man asked.

“They didn’t. It was wintertime and that night the temperature dropped something fierce. By morning the whole tornado was frozen solid. It was amazing how it stayed in one piece. People came from all around that Spring to drink from the Preposterous Corona Reserve.”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” the first man said. He turned to the third man, who’d been quiet. “Well, what about you? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?”

“That,” the third man said, pointing. They all turned around.

It was Recebba the Rhino, in all her 113 pieces of jewelry, drinking a corona.

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