Friday, September 30, 2011

"The Deadliest Sin" To-Do List 9/30/11

I'm keeping a list of questions that are coming up as I write, so that I can go and research them later. Obviously, some of the more telling details I might leave off.

To Research

  • How states/counties deal with heat waves
  • Who would ensure a city lake is safe to skate on in the winter?
  • Best way to skip rocks.
  • Raccoons --> do they live in Virginia? How do rabid raccoons act?
  • Oval communities -- characteristics
  • Dental assistant role
  • Dentist office staff
  • Dentist registry
  • Dental operating room..?
  • Massage techniques
  • Process of pressing charges for third-degree murder
I need to sit down and create a timeline. I have the first few/several chapters outlined, but since I'm following multiple families in Pens with different conflicts, I need to know exactly when everything happens relative to everything else. It should be helpful to get on a whiteboard and just list out the days following the 'big event' at the beginning of the story, and then match them with subsequent events.

I need a new name. 'The Deadliest Sin' isn't going to turn any heads.

I need to finish outlining the first half of the book. The first half of the book is going to have a slightly (read: significantly) different structure than the first, so it's important to get that first half down.

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