Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Ball

Never talk back
But I say a lot
In my eyes, my run, the sniff
Of my nose, rhyme-time-sublime with the wag of my...


Aw hell, there goes a ball,
Round as the world, but with so more
        (more joy than a boy with a toy,
             i can rhyme, too cus I feel the spark
         us dogs, we do, we do)
Cus that's what I know, a thing you may lack
Because you're mind...or brain, I never knew which was the
Works as good as a nuke, or a gun, or...what do they call it?
But there's my ball again, rolling and rolling like life rolls on.
I'm better than you, and you're sorrow, and cries
    Even your creation, who cares when soaked with lies
Yet best thing about the wag of the tail, the feel of the fur
Is I complete you. I can't heal the pain, the violence, the flaws
But I can catch the ball and replace the tears
With happiness slob.

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